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1929 M type Sportsmans Coupe

An unusual oppotunity to acquire an MG 'M' type Sportsmans Coupe, one of only 3 or 4 running examples of this very, very rare MG.

Magnificently restored from the chassis-up, this is not a restoration many people would tackle. Intricate, expensive but an enthralling project of which the proof is in the pudding. A very valuable and historic model.

Model Type
M type Sportsmans Coupe
2 + 2 Coupe
Registration No.
YC 7352
Engine No.
Chassis No.


During the late 1920s the Austin Seven was becoming a commercial success in both open and closed forms.   William Morris recognised this, and with his acquisition of Wolseley, inherited an excellent 4 cyl. 848cc over head camshft engine which he put in his Morris Minor.   He took to this to a further stage in 1928 by allowing Morris's sister company 'MG' to design a sporty Morris Minor  and  to use in it the new Wolseley designed engine.     This was the birth of a long line of 'midgets' by MG and whilst some 3235 open 2-seaters of the 'M type' were produced , the factory also built 530 closed examples and known as the 'Sportsmans Coupe'.

Today, only 5 or 6 original coupes exist, and even less are on the road.    The previous owner of this car was an 'MG man' owning various early models.  He had always fancied a Sportsmans Coupe but expectedly couldn't find one.  Eventually tracking down a rolling chassis from a 2-seater he set about the painstaking task of  restoring the car as the 'Sportsmans Coupe'.  The same chassis and running gear was used by the factory for all the open and closed  models,  the finished chassis' often being driven to Carbodies factory to have their bodies fitted.

The chassis and engine were fully rebuilt, the original early 1929 instruments restored and fitted, the very difficult body was built with all the unique door & window furniture, the magnificent working sliding roof fitted and and the very useful  (quite large) boot, where all  the original tools  reside in a reset that doesn't impair the space for 2 small suitcases for touring.   The body was fabric covered as original and the interior fully lined out in beige cloth , and completed with dark green leather upholstery throughout. 

The originality even extends to the rear window blind, the opening rear roof light, nickel plated radiator and opening front windscreen.  It's an amazing small car, giving good performance and comfort in all weathers. It is seriously attractive and the rear seating is ideal for young kids or further luggage.

The cost of tackling one of these coachbuilt bodies today is frightening, let alone securing  all the hinging, fittings and unique door & window furniture.  They so rarely come to the market (if ever) that some have suggested the car is worth far more than I'm asking, but if it represents a bargain so be it,  and I know what it's cost, but if I've got it wrong I will also accept a sensible offer. 

An article in the April 2017 issue of  "The Automobile" describes in the fullest detail the restoration, and build of the body which has resulted in this very rare and attractive car;  and for it to come to the market gives someone the oppotunity to secure one of only 3 or 4 running examples left.