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1930 MG 'M' sports

A genuine vintage MG 'M, perfect for all events with the VSCC & others.

A rare opportunity to secure an 'M' type with all matching Nos. AND a Phoenix c/balanced crank!

Model Type
MG 'M' sports
2-seat sports
Registration No.
Engine No.
MG 760A
Chassis No.


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It is not often we offer you an 'M' type, but occasionally a really well built  one comes along  with an interesting history and very enthusiastic long term previous owner  and then you know you've  got a good one. Not only that,  but find me another with all matching Nos. (they are few & far between) and this too has the massive advantage of a Phoenix counter-balanced crank & Carello pattern rods.

The sporting evolution of the early overhead cam Morris Minor was the MG  'M' type.  It was extremely popular, selling well as an affordable sporting car,  and over 3000 were made between 1929 and early 1932.  This particular example has an amazing history having been documented in various detailed notebooks regarding everything ever done to the car in the last 40 years.  Quite astonishing.

The rebuild is documented in numerous photographs including full details of the new body tub (that has been done correctly unlike so many), the complete engine rebuild with c-balanced crank & rods and the chassis from the ground up.     Yes, the car has seen some action with the previous owner;  but an owner who knew how to look after the car and apply the proper maintenance.

The engine has an slightly higher compression head, hardened valve seats and the genuine 1&1/8th" carburettor. Original 6V electrics and  4-speed box  allow it  entry into most VSCC trials and events.     (3-speed  boxes are available from us.)

The canvas covered bodied has the proper finish, the patina is nice, the seats are correct and unlike many this one has a roof!    It also has the correct dashboard & fittings, correct 'V' windscreen, original radiator  and original MG crested bonnet catches.

We have fitted new 6V battery,  serviced the car, checked andvtested it on the road where it steered well and gave particularly lively performance from its original 850cc engine.

It is definitely one of the most original 'M' types I have seen  having  adhered to the factory specification without modifications and more modern additions.

An ideal car for a younger enthusiast to get involved with the MG Car Club and the VIntage Soports Car Club and all that they offer, and  at an affordable price for a true vintage MG.   Come on, get your sons & grandsons interested....?


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