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1932-34 J2 Engines for Sale

We have 4 MG J2 engines available for sale, and a complete MG 'M' engine with bronze orig. carb and original gearbox fitted.

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J2 Engines for Sale
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All orig.Please ask
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£ 3500-£6500

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We currently have available 4 MG J2 engines and a complete MG 'M' engine with original bronze carb. & gearbox fitted (see seperate listing).

Engine No. 1.     A totally complete unit with rebuilt bottom end.  Crack tested and balanced crank & rods, rebored, new pistons.   Excellent cyl. head with bronze cam stands.   All water, inlet & exhaust manifolds.  Rocker box, sump, oil pipes, complete clutch & flywheel assembly, stater motor, dynamo, oil filler trumpet & cap, and complete set carburettors...........£6500

Engine No. 2.       A totally complete engine with a rebored block, reground crank, remetalled rods.  Excellent cyl. head, cam stands, head gear, all manifolds, starter motor, dynamo, rocker box, sump, oil pipes, flywheel, complete clutch assy., oil filler, but no carbs...................£5500

Engine No. 3.          A totally complete MG J2 engine, but with no work carried out.   Has an excellent block and head and except for carburettors has everything as stated in engines above......A very nice unit......................................£4500

Engine No. 4.          This engine is incomplete but has all the main components except cylinder head, drain pipes  & rocker cover, although we are in the process of obtaining a head.   New sump,  block,  front & rear housings, tested crank at only 30thou down, rods, flywheel, complete clutch assy., all three manifolds, cam stands and oil pump.........bargain at £3500.

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