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1932 6 cyl. F MAGNA

A very rare barn find today of a genuine 6 cyl. prewar rolling MG chassis.

An ideal oppotunity to build a very valuble 2 seat 'F' Magna, a 4-seat tourer or a road/rce special.

Model Type
6 cyl. F MAGNA
As you like it
Registration No.
RX 9616
Engine No.
Engines available
Chassis No.
F 0452

£ 11,750

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What an exciting oppotunity to build from a clean slate. I wish I was 10 years younger.   Here you can choose exactly what you've always wanted, what type of body, engine, gearbox and pace yourself to the budget you have. 

REMEMBER, in the old MG world nowadays almost everything you could want is available through a network of specialist dealers, manufacturers and craftsmen, so here are some possibilities.

You could be the purist and build it as a rather unhansdsome 4-seat tourer that frankly was more suited to two adults and 2 small kids than pulling 4 adults up Porlock Hill!  There are some fine examples of the F tourer to view in MG circles and is of course the type of body this particular chassis No. carried when first out the factory door.  

OR    you could build the very handsome 2-seat F2 sports model, graced with a cycle wing body, architypical of early MGs and only one of 2 road going MGs to be fitted with conventional cycle wings by the factory, the other being its smaller brother the MG J2.  Although this chassis did not carry the 2-seat body from new, the chassis is identical for either 2 or 4 seat models, and whilst its final retail price won't eclipse that of one of the original 40 F2 models, it will be a very handsome, attractive car with a more than a healthy return on the investment to build.

OR   you could build  a '6 cyl. special'.   It has long been accepted in MG circles that one of the finest conceptions  at the lower end of the market (when compared with genuine  MG race cars, most beyond the average man's reach) is the light MG F chassis (offered here) fitted with a 2-seat body and a later engine such as the L or even the better N.       A well built one of these will shake your socks off, or at least blow back your hair until the barbers open. 

All body types are readily available from recognised MG body builders,  I know of at least 2  'F' engines, and 2 'N' engines. I know of 1 F gearbox and several gearboxes of standard and close ratio to mate with an L or N engine.

Dashboards and gauges, , electrics, suspension, lamps and interiors are readily available from us or others for any model  you choose, don't hestitate to ask questions or for information;     BUT  if you build a hot rod, or a dragster, you're on your own!

A nice starter project, with delivery included UK.

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