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1933 MG J2

An MG J2 project with so much of it totally restored it will take little time or funds to finish it AND it's all correct!

Whether this is your first or last project, this offers the oppotunity to complete the original MG J2, or do it as a J3 OR J4 rep. with ease and little expense. Read on.

Model Type
2-seat sports
Registration No.
TL 2971
Engine No.
1624A / J72
Chassis No.

£ 21500 or close offer.

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Looking for something to do this winter?   Well,  with very little further expense, and much of the heavy work done, you have here the oppotunity to complete an MG J2 that is virtually  complete except for a body tub and a speedo!    Could therefore offer the opportunity to be completed as a J2 or a J3 or a J4 rep.

Due to ill health the previous owner could go no further.   The chassis has been fully restored, including springs, axles, hubs, wheels, handbrake assy.,  steering, trackage, new shock absorbers, 12" J4 brakes, propshaft, differential, etc., etc.

There are nearly2 engines, with that in the car started,  by using and restoring all the bits from the second engine, bit at a time.  Nothing is missing, including a tested original crank with fully floating rods, and brand new Specialloid pistons.  Rebuilt starter motor, rebuilt dynamo.    As yet UNrestored but carefully checked  cyl. head, cam stands, vertical drive,  all manifolding, and original carburettors.   

The gearbox has been fully rebuilt with remote, brackets & choke/idle rods.  

There are 2 alloy dashboards, with complete instrument cluster , dashlamps, horn button, water temp., and original clock.   Only needs a speedo.  

All the components are present for the new firewall incl. pump, coil.,,  stater switch and accelerator c/shaft. There is a tray of bonnet catches, door furniture, wing bolts, rubbers, and side lamps.

There are a pair of unfinished new Rotax K 624 headlamp shells, rims & lenses, and also a set of Lucas L140's and fully restored original rear lamps. 

Moving to the bodywork, there is no tub,  but there is an unidentified wood kit which did not come with the project, but  is offered free with the deal but may not be J2, otherwise a body tub can be ordered from ourselves or others.   However, it is ONLY the tub that is needed as the car comes complete with excellent fuel tank, 4 excellent cycle wings, original bonnet, brand new under bonnet side valences, brand new scuttle top, bulkhead plate and front apron.

In addition, there is a complete original windscreen with all side supports & B nuts, wiper system , spare wheel cradle, and spare wheel.

Finally, there is a complete new set of sage green leather seats and a full roll of matching interior panel material.  To complete this quite superb package is a lightly worn roof, a pair of new sidescreens and hood frame.!  The whole thing is amazing value  as little more needs to be spent. 

(If you do not want a green interior, this can be deleted and the  price reduced accordingly).

All DVLA paperwork, V5c, original buff log, and J2 Manual.    

It has to be one of the best MG J2  projects available for years, and way better than an old runner with the wrong engine fitted and all that goes with that..........

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