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1937 MG TA to TB spec.

A superb ground-up restoration to TB specification.

This lovely 1937 TA has been restored from scratch but with all the advantages of the XPAG engine and synchomesh box.

Model Type
MG TA to TB spec.
2-seat sports
Registration No.
DHT 836
Engine No.
XPAG 4517
Chassis No.
TA 0301

£ 36,500

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A previous owner of this TA was so fed up with his old TA engine cracking and leaking water and the oil bath clutch plate sticking that when he undertook a complete restoration of the car in 2011-2015 he made the sensible decision to bring the car up to TB spec. by fitting the wider TB body,  the very reliable TB/TC XPAG engine and synchromesh gearbox,  but of course retaining the pre-war status for tours & rallies.   All this adds to the value of the TA, and when coupled to a total rebuild is remarkable value at the price offered.

Thus this car is for a 'driver', someone  who wants to 'use' his car but with the benefit of one of MG's most reliable  power units and very sought after gearbox.  Moving on, there is a full photograhic record of the rebuild, showing the chassis, new shocks, rebuilt steering, axles, brakes and rebuilt wheels with new 'Blockley' 450 x 19 tyres.    The body is new from Naylors and the wings, bonnet, tank all original and restored. 

The  dashboard is fitted with original chronometric gauges, water temp., correct dashlamps and  turn signals essential for today's traffic and European requirements.

This is a lovely car in mint condition with great driving advantages to tour long distances reliably, and if you'd like a luggage rack, no problem, and you'll be all set to get to the  South of France and back  before Brexit?          (Yes it will get there & back OK, though I'd be worry with a TA engine!).


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