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1946 MG TC Midget

This offers one of the finest drives I have had from an MG TC

A proper rebuild throughout giving true authenticity and reliability.

Model Type
MG TC Midget
2-seat sports
Registration No.
MG 6975
Engine No.
XPAG 10080
Chassis No.
MG 1252


I love this MG TC.  I'm certain you could get in this particular one and drive it with confidence for mile after mile, on holdays, rallies without a hitch.  Rebuilt 15/16 years ago PROPERLY; so it has stood the test of time and remains today in magnificent condition.    It's a 'driver's car' with just the right amount of patina for you not to worry about taking it out......and you WILL take it out, because it's infectious!

Rebuilt from the chassis-up by a very well respected MG engineer/enthusiast,in the mid 90's and because it was done properly, it sits today in superb condition both bodily and mechanically.     Interestingly fitted with a Factory-fitted replacement engine in the very early days, hence the factory fitted guarantee plate showing matching Nos. This was probably done in the '40s under guarantee for some reason. Excellent oil pressure both hot & cold, charging well, and no leaks. Very good braking and no steering wander.

The dashboard is totally correct sporting original chronometric guages, correct switches, lamps & fittings, with discreet turn signals in side & tail lights.....(No yellow lumps!)

The door 'shuts' are superb (see photos) because the bodywork is strong and solid throughout.

It does have high quality Lucas sealed beam units fitted in the original lamp shells for modern traffic at night,  but if you want the original reflectors and 'U' pattern lenses fitted we will do this for you in the price.

We have been right through the car ensuring it is ready for the next owner.
Cellulose paint finish in Sequoia Cream with deep red leather interior and matching beige canvas roof, s/curtains and tonneau cover

Altogether, a very nice, genuine TC with no bugs left to iron out!  Come and see for yourself.