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Welcome to the website of "BARRY WALKER" - MG Car Sales & restoration for pre-war and early post-war MGs. We offer some of the world's finest early MGs, both in rarity and quality of rebuild. We also, from time to time offer cars for restoration, or needing more work friom the buyer where the budget is of course important, and we fully recognise this.
We keep the web-site up to date ONLY when cars are finished and ready for sale; so be patient, the cars will always get there in the end, but work often takes longer than we anticipate.

************************NOW PLEASE NOTE REGARDING "SPARES" BOTH NEW AND SECONDHAND*********************
THE "SPARES SIDE" of BARRY WALKER MGs has now been sold. We no longer service or offer spares relating to any early MG, though we will continue to offer technical advice and help if requested. We do carry and offer tool kits and superchargers for all the cars we sell....

ALL SPARES FOR ALL OUR CARS can now be obtained in person, by e-mail, by FAX, or by phone,..... by contacting : THE MG AUTOMOBILE COMPANY, Unit 90, A1 The Main Stores, Bicester Heritage, Buckingham Road, BICESTER, OX26 5HA, UK.
Telephone Nos:.......+44(0)1235 426251 or +44(0)7929 084410

Rest assured they will offer the same reliable, and fast service you have become used to from us over the years. They will also endeavour to seek out, restore and provide you with that "extra" service of rare and difficult parts for which 'Barry Walker' had become especially known.
The stock of "everyday" items will be added to, improved, and wherever viable, new parts not previously available will be made, to complete a fabulous service which you can rely on for years to come, ensuring your hobby is supported and your car maintained.

Please do all you can to support them, but bear with us all during this transitional period.


******THE BIG ONE......INTERNATIONAL BEAULIEU AUTOJUMBLE.........Sept. 2nd/3rd/4th. (You missed it!!)
*******NEC BIRMINGHAM......INT.CLASSIC CAR SHOW........NOVEMBER 11th/12th/13thth......HALL 3, STAND 545********* Don't miss it, we are the ONLY trader selling purely Pre-war/Vintage cars. We look forward to meeting you, and our coffee is better than most!


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All prices subject to carriage & VAT.

L A T E S T   S P A R E S.......(S E E   B E L O W) (otherwise please click on 'catalogue').

L type, PA/PB: ROUND THE RADIATOR BADGE BARS. Long, long time since we made these last, and a factory item that is very practical, fitting in place of the bolts in the headlamp mtg. brackets at the side of the rad. Saves drilling the front apron to mount a low badge bar, which would also interfere with crank handle hole. Heavy chrome plated, quality item..............£75each + vat.

PB OWNERS-------FOR THE FIRST TIME....a small batch of the unique PB PETROL TANK CAP. One of the most difficult items to reproduce-----very limited supplies at present...£220ea. Final batch of these just arriving.

FOR THE FIRST TIME.........Base of the MMM Fuel Tank outlet unions. Beautifully turned in brass with or without the mesh filter......................£18.50each.

DISTRIBUTOR ROTOR ARMS for L/K/N models. We are now able to offer the very rare 'butterfly' style rotor arms for the original distributors fitted to the above MG models. They are not an easy item to re- make in small quantities, but they are proven and now in stock.......................£35each

DISTRIBUTOR ROTOR ARMS for MG 'M' models, Morris Minors and other early cars were the 'DJ' series distributor is fitted.................................................................£22.50each.

WATER PUMP HOSES. We have had re made the bottom radiator water hose where a water pump is fitted, but now with the correct double bend to make this awkward fitting hose much easier to fit. The price includes the cost of the new tooling........£18ea.

REAR CASTELLATED HUB NUTS. These invariably well battered items are now availble new, exactly as original. We have remade these left hand threaded and right hand threaded nuts with the full castellations, together with the appropriate tab washers.............We recommend these are bought in pairs, but single sides are of course available. Hub nuts......£23.85ea Tab washers...£2.40ea.

MMM CHROME BONNET HINGE ENDS. We have finally got stock in of the rear bonnet hinge fitting, that's the tube with the stud under , nut & washer, all chrome plated................£14.95ea. The front hinge end fittings (the arched one, chrome plated) is also in stock.........£9.85ea.

RADIATOR TIE ROD CLEVIS ENDS. Always missing or in a bad state, these superbly machined items are drilled ready to fit in chromium plated finish................................£16.50each.

J/F/L/early P type DOOR LOCK COVERS. LH or RH. Always battered & worn these will fit the original locks exactly and enhance an otherwise poor looking lock. Chrome brass, very nice..........£45ea.

"SOFT GRAB BRAKE LININGS". We have re-stocked our amazing soft grab brake linings for every MMM model as well as the TA/B/C/D models. This excellent non-asbestos material really grabs the brake drums, and you STOP! These come complete with rivets and are available in full car sets, or just an axle set. Ring or e-mail for prices depending on the model you have. If you've wondered why your brakes don't work, it is more than likely your linings are too hard. Try them, they work and you'll stop.

DIVERS HELMET DASHLAMPS A brand new batch of black or correct brown 'divers helmet' dashlamps back in stock, offering white, green or blue illumination to your dashboard. For prices see futher down this page.

HAND WOVEN RADIATOR MESHES. Currently out of stock. Order yours now. For full details see further down this column.

******MMM DOUBLE ROW REAR WHEEL BEARINGS. JUST ARRIVED****** ORDER YOURS NOW BEFORE THIS BATCH GOES. Swiss made, they are as good if not better than the originals from 1933. We have produced another batch of 500 of these superb quality 18mm wide double row, bronze caged rear hub bearings. For details and photos see at the bottom of this column. The last 500 went in as many minutes, so do order yours in good time...........................................................£96.50ea. + vat.

MMM BATTERIES------we are once again stocking the long thin MMM battery. All come dry charged. For those calling and collecting we will supply the electrolyte FOC.........£169.50ea.
CALLING ALL D type/J1/J2 owners.--------Brand new D/J series gearbox bell-housings. Indistinguishable from the originals, fully machined and ready to fit..................£665ea. We are now making pedal shafts/throw out bearing shafts for this bell-housing.


MG J4/Q Types & Specials: HV5 158" Supercharger Carburettors by SU & HV8 178" Supercharger carburettors for K3 models
These astoundingly good units are not only beautifully made but unlike so many that have come to the market in the past you are receiving the accuracy here of the factory product. They come complete with T2 float bowls, choke & throttle linkages, standard '01' needle, and polished 'wine bottle' piston covers. A range of needles is available from us to suit various applications. We have the units in stock at present, but with limited supply numbers and long, long lead times don't leave it if you'll shortly be needing one. The HV5's retail at £895 each complete, plus VAT.
The HV8's retail at £945ea. + vat. We now have a full range of proper 'Wine Bottle' top vintage s/c carburettors. All are exactly to OE specification.

NA&NB /TA/TB/early TC owners......... The correct and attractive Lucas FT 27 fog lamp on brass; even down to the original ’King-of-the-Road’ medallion at the base of the mounting bracket and an original factory optional ’extra’ offered by Abingdon from Lucas................................................................£95ea., plus post (£8), plus vat.

REDUCED IN PRICE following large batch production .....BISHOP CAM STEERING WORMS for MMM & T series MGs (state model when ordering). A quality product that is long overdue and when combined with both original parts or other new Bishop Can steering parts that we offer should finally put you beloved MG in a straight line. A quality product that is difficult to make, and far, far harder to produce than many believe.............£220each, plus vat. (The supply is limited at the moment, but more are coming on stream between now and Christmas.)

ANOTHER BATCH OF BISHOP CAM , MMM & T TYPE STEERING BOX ROCKER SHAFTS..........Machined from EN24T, spark eroded splines and combined with one of our hardened cam followers will make a world of difference to your steering....................£165ea. plus vat.

BISHOP CAM STEERING BOX BEARINGS are back in stock to complete the job at £88 a car set.

ALSO FOR THE FIRST TIME : MMM BRAKE PEDALS.........Virtually unbreakable, in cast steel,........£78ea.
MMM CLUTCH PEDALS........Virtually unbreakable, in cast steel.........£78ea.


"Brooklands" SILENCER boxes for all models are readily available for all models from 1929 to 1949 (MMM & TA/B/C)....................from £220
"Brooklands" FISHTAILS
9 inch wide tails from £185
12 inch wide tails from £220.

CYCLE WING DOMED CHROMED FIXING BOLTS, complete with nuts & washers are back in stock. Precise profile to the original, with a traditional copper, nickel, polished chrome finish, you will not find a better finish to fitting your cycle wings..........................£14.95ea. (Under rubbers for these bolts are in stock at £6.95ea.

J1/J2 WATER MANIFOLD RIGHT ANGLE CLAMPS, but finished in cast steel as original with fluted insets to give an accurate finish to your engine rebuild........................£ vat

MILD STEEL SPARE WHEEL CRADLES as originally fitted for painting body colour.. Prices can vary according to specification, but basic spec.:
For 400 x 19" tyres........£285
For 450 x 19" tyres........£330


We finally have good stocks of the original MMM FUEL PUMP (SU type AUA 25)

FOR THE FIRST TIME IN OVER 20 YEARS WE ARE BRINGING BACK A REMAKE OF THE STANDARD FACTORY ISSUE MMM & EARLY TA 17" 3-SPOKE STEERING WHEEL. Finished to the same exacting quality as our 16" MMM key & lock bolt wheels and our tapered with centre bolt F,D & M type steering wheels. The std. 3-spoke wheel will eliminate the far too flexible nature of the factory issue, allowing you to have a safe, good looking and above all, original specification wheel. The wheels are NOW KNURLED EXACTLY TO ORIGINAL DESIGN. They are in stock NOW......@£425ea. plus vat.


We have produced all the parts needed for you to fit a complete nose-mounted installation to your car. See photos here for installation. Available as a complete kit (including now TOTALLY RESTORED Volumex superchargers)Complete base kit: - £4650, including now the inlet manifold shown in photo , and all + vat of course. Ring for details. Many, many already sold.

OPTIONAL PARTS NOW AVAILABLE TO ADD TO THE ABOVE include.....J4/early K3 pattern s/c front aprons with side valences and £595ea., genuine SU HV5 and HV8 vintage pattern carburettors at £795/£895ea.....(scroll to bottom of this listing), and black or brown faced Smiths or Jaeger vac./boost gauges, octagonal dash bezel, feed pipes and all fittings at £235 a set.

REDUCED IN PRICE. REDUCED IN PRICE..... due to far larger batch and benefit of modern technology ............SUPERCHARGER DRIVE SHAFT ASSEMBLIES as supplied to UK trade and public. NOT to be confused with others on the market, these are the original pattern units that have been around for almost 40 years and proven beyond doubt.
We have in stock another fresh batch of these essential items. Made to a really high specification with all-way ball bearing, sprung loaded end couplings, and splined ground shafts of different lengths (state model of car and supercharger type when ordering), these assemblies will provide long and endurable service on even the most potent of race cars. We supply these to both trade and retail and are very rarely out of stock. They are on SPECIAL OFFER at just ££296 set for a complete assembly with your choice of shaft length (as the bishop said to the actress!).

MG PA/PB/K/L/NA/NB Vertical Drive Oil Drain Galleries in Cast Steel
We have had a new batch of these made incorporating the opportunity to fit a second seal where the vertical drive pinion fork enters the gallery. The upper seal does most of the work, but rather than relying on the fork return scroll to provide the 'belt & braces', the inclusion of a second bottom seal really does ensure that that expensive dynamo below never becomes oil soaked again. These are available from stock now fully machined with the bottom seal supplied and fitted £145ea.

TA/TB/TC OWNERS. Is your existing tank leaking, or weeping? Have you been putting off buying one when you know the car really needs one. Well your wait may have been opportune. FOR THE FIRST TIME we have TA/B/C tanks to the very highest quality in 16g (1.5mm)STAINLESS STEEL, finished with correct neck to accept original cap, and offered for all the models with provision for early & late TAs, fuel sender joints where applicable and NO CHANCE of later bio-fuels attacking your tank, even with the presence of condensation. do not confuse these with any others on the market; just order, and an immediate refund if not happy.
These tanks will outlast your ownership of the car and will represent a lasting investment whether you are undertaking a rebuild or have a running car needing a tank. The photos speak for themselves.

Stainless steel tanks (LH pic.)....£550ea. Mild steel tanks (centre pic.)....£486ea.


MMM OWNERS (You may also purchase s/steel MMM tanks to the highest quality, but would be 'to order' only for the moment.)....£550each. Mild steel MMM tanks always inn stock at £485ea. (all plus vat.)

JUST ARRIVED------D/F/J/L/PA/PB------ galvanised FIREWALLS with main holes provided. Cut ready to fit in correct thickness these superb units save you more time than any other single job on the car, and what a face-lift they give to a good restoration.......Original 'spangled' finish...........J/P £235each F1/2..£245 L type £265. In plain alloy finish reduce all prices by £30.

MG PA/PB BRAND NEW CYLINDER HEADS............back at last.......fully £2250ea. If you require valve seat cutting and valve guides fitting, this can be done at extra cost.......approx........£280.

MG 'M' TYPE HEADLAMPS.............Superb new lamps, exact reproductions of the LUCAS R47B MG 'M' series lamps. Completely finished, bulbed, wired, ready to fit. Offered in black with chrome rims as original specification........................remarkable £495 per pair.

BACK AT LAST.......J2/F2/L2 & PA/PB 2-seater hood frames....................£168.50.

SPECIAL OFFER........High tensile, cad. finished, quality rear axle 'U' bolts. Sets of 4 with 16 off 5/16th locking half nuts............................................................£30 car set!
HANDBRAKE to CHASSIS MOUNTING PINS. Quality turned bolts, complete with special spring washers......£11.90each.
MMM CYLINDER HEAD STUDS...on special offer to the end of the year. The price includes the fully machined nut per stud. All high tensile, rolled threads...superb quality. In sets for all MMM models, or individually. Just £5.95each.
MMM FLYWHEEL RING GEARS.....I'm sorry these have been so long in coming back to stock, but they are the original C83 units to correct specification.........................£145ea.
CALLING ALL PA/PB/NA/NB OWNERS..........4 & 6 Cyl. block 'Pillar Box' engine breathers. Stove enamel black finish..................................................bargain......£35ea.
LONG, LONG OVERDUE, but now back in stock, LUCAS TYPE '160' MIRRORS individually crested with the CORRECT SIZE 'King-of-the-Road medallions as fitted to all pre-war plated........£120ea. These are available with right hand or left hand mounting arms & brackets, complete with chrome plated 2BA fixing screws......£45ea. They are available cheaper elsewhere but are not the original item as offered here.
DIVERS HELMET DASHLAMP COVERS. Something you have all been waiting for, but not some thin thing, or oversize thing, or something that is not recognizable, but an item that fits the original Lucas D43 bases, and that you'll have trouble distinguishing from the original, once fitted ...............£32.50ea.
MMM SHOCK ABSORBERS.....finally back in stock. We know there are cheaper ones on the market, but we have waited for these very high quality units to be re-manufactured, and when you compare them with others advertised, it was well worth the wait. If you want something EXACTLY as original, then these rolled edged, rivetted arm units for the early MMM cars are all you need look for. They also display the CORRECT Andre Hartford dials .......FRONTS.......£195ea REARS....£180ea. Drop links to road spring...D/F/J/L...£89.50 PA/B...£45
TA/B/C/D ORIGINAL PATTERN PETROL FILLER CAPS. We have finally produced a quality copy of the original T series flip-up petrol tank cap, operated by the MG crested trigger on the neck. Superb units, each individually tested prior to despatch and offered with or without the operating trigger (as most still have this on their tanks.

Chrome plated, ready to fit.......£89.50. MG crested triggers.....£18.50.

TA/B/C Supplementary/factory optional WATER TEMPERATURE GAUGES. We do not offer Chinese or far eastern product. These are original green faced Br. Jaeger units totally rebuilt to only professional standard, exactly as original to British Jaeger specification, with 6' capillary & all fittings and carry a full 12 month guarantee. ......................£195each

TD Owners. We also carry the TD dual oil & water temp. combined gauge, again originals, restored to factory spec. with 12 month guarantee. (NOT far eastern replicas!)...hence price of £235ea., but will last you years.

CENTRE PANEL PA/NA ODOMETERS...outright £395/ exchange from £195;
PA & PB 5" CHRONOMETRIC COMBINED REV.COUNTER /SPEEDOS.......outright...£495/ exchange from £250; and we have all the black & brown baby oil & ampmeter gauges in stock.
2" 8-day LEVER CLOCKS, are becoming really very difficult, so get while available......£265 o/right.
TA/B/C/D/F REAR OF GENERATOR REDUCTION BOXES. These , once again are not to be confused with plastic geared, far eastern cheaper origin units, but genuine stock with steel gears made in the UK by descendants of the original manufacturers and they will last you for years...........£145ea.

These are ex-stock and are fully chromed with standard radiator fitting or standard press and turn tank fitting.
Prices vary depending on model, size and finish on these, so please ring or e-mail on these units.

TA/B/C/D OWNERS. JUST ARRIVED the latest batch of centre dash panels in black with chrome edge and lettering for TA/B and early TC models, and honey coloured panels with chrome edging and full lettering for later TC models and TDs. All at the same price of £169.50 plus vat.

MG C/J4/K3 & Specials - Original Factory Pattern Wing Fixing Clamps
These superb lost wax castings are made in sand-blasted stainless steel and give a proper professional finish to the fitting of cycle wings to our cars. They are superb value at £26.80+VAT and although not shown in the pictures come complete with bolts nuts & washers. We also offer alongside, the correct under-rubber, moulded as a snug fit to the clamp base. These are also ex-stock at £3.95ea +VAT.

Rear Spring Front Chassis Pins - Special Offer
No change in specification - as always in EN19T induction hardened, and ground finish - on offer at only £23.50 each + VAT.

F2/J2/L2 Tank Mounted Petrol Taps - THESE SUPERB UNITS ARE HERE IN STOCK available with or without the curly feed pipes.
You have all become familiar with the write-ups and recommendations of our redesigned (internally) P/K/N & TA main/reserve taps with their 'guaranteed' no-leak solid centre, twin 'O' ring internals. These have been a great success and have transformed the performance of many owners' cars. Well it is time J/F & L owners had the same opportunity and experience.

We have now produced identically original J2/F2/L2 taps but with redesigned 'no leak' internals. No more sucking 80% fuel and 20% air. They are precision made to guarantee perfect operation and are therefore not cheap at £220 + VAT, but you'll eliminate poor and erratic running.

You know the quality is right, and is why this new leak-proof unit is selling so quickly.

Can also be supplied with the two correctly curled feed pipes next to the tap for an additional £42 + VAT, as per photo. Taps & pipes AVAILABLE NOW.

FOR P/N and TA/B OWNERS, the next batch of 'no-leak, solid centre/twin 'O' ring' main/reserve taps are here NOW! Many owners do not realise the difference these make to the running and performance of their engine. The ridiculous chamfered cork design supplied by the factory sucked 80% fuel & 20% air. This bizarre arrangement is completely eliminated by using one of our new taps that are guaranteed and can only suck 100% fuel, but of course look identical from the outside. They are not cheap, far eastern product, but are precision made, and you'll only ever need one for the lifetime of your ownership. They can be purchased as taps only, or as a complete system from from dashboard to bulkhead with correct type knob, plinth, rod and joints. Be sure to state model required. TAPS ONLY....£225 plus vat, COMPLETE SYSTEMS......£265 plus vat.

MG TA/early VA Original Tool Kit with optional Neoprene Rubber Tool Trays
These superb kits comprise all original tools (no reproductions), and have taken many months of hunting to assemble. Even the open ended spanners are the flat pressed steel units to lay flat in the shallow trays. A full kit of tools without trays costs £385 + VAT and the trays are available at ££225 + VAT per pair . If you buy kit complete with tool trays as a package the price is £585 + VAT, a discount of £25 a set.

MMM & TA/B/C Fully Rebuilt 2 & 3 Brush Dynamos
We have good stocks now of fully restored original MMM, TA & TB 3 and 2 brush generators (most with brand new armatures), complete with rear tachometer take-off drives and Lucas crested connector covers. Outright prices (no exchange) cost £365 + VAT, exchange units start at £220 + VAT. All have 12 months guarantees for originality & workmanship.

All MMM 6V and 12V fully rebuilt dynamos and starter motors retained in stock as standard on exchange or outright buy. Outright purchases without exchange, fully restored with new armature cost £550. With an exchange unit, prices begin around £400, depending on condition of old unit. Starter motors are £365 o/right, £265-£295exchange . ALL unit carry a full 12months guarantee.

Please note we still have a few 'Smiths of Cricklewood' 'New Old Stock' 50 year old, rear of generator tachometer reduction boxes for all 'T' series models (TA-TF) at £145 + VAT each - these are not to be confused with the cheap far eastern imported ones.

MG L/K Sumps
Not 'in production' as offered by others, but here and ready to sell. High quality units fully machined, double impregnated and ready to fit. £395 ea +VAT

Handbrake to Chassis Crosstube Mounting Bracket
Long, long overdue, this important (& often missing) item is imperative when fitting the handbrake into the chassis. Perfect reproduction of the original with correct provision for return spring. £55 ea + VAT

J4/K3 Petrol Tank Top Fuel Bosses
These superbly machined brass fittings are from solid, and provide the fuel outlets for racing MG slab tanks and come complete with fuel outlets & elbows all in polished finish. £185 ea + VAT. (The brass fuel gauge tops will be next to be produced).

Volumex Supercharger Replacement Oil Reservoir
A neat, tidy aluminium oil reservoir to replace the original plastic body with knurled lid & brass fittings. £120 ea + VAT.

MG 'M' type Centre Dash Panels
We have resurrected the tooling to reproduce again the M-type dash centre panels that we offered 5 years ago. These superb panels come complete with rear pins, MG & ROTAX motifs and correct eggshell black finish with white lettering as original. Very limited at £165 ea + VAT.

Adjustable Lower Front Cycle Wing Stays for C/K models
These lower front stays are adjustable to allow wings to fall centrally over any width of wheel & tyre, complimentary to the forward stays below. Excluding the joint clamps - £98 per pair + VAT . Joint clamps - £26.80 ea + VAT, rubbers - £3.95 ea + VAT.
The standard non-adjustable lower stays are always in stock for Fs/Js and other 3' 6" track MMM cars at just £98pr plus vat.

C/K3/ and for TA/B/C conversions. Front Cycle Wing Stays
We have produced another (improved) batch of C/K3 front forward headlamp/wing stays. These excellent casting are the best and most attractive looking whether building an original or replica C or K3 MG. £225 per pair + VAT. TA-TC owners ? please note these stays are ideal if you are contemplating fitting cycle wings. Standard J2 stays do not take the wings over the wheel centres whereas these do.

BARGAIN NEW PRODUCT – MMM Engine/Radiator Mounting Caps
With 5/16" bolt holes for models M/D/F/J or 3/8" holes for models L/K/P & N. £35 ea + VAT

MMM Pre-Select Gearbox Remote Change Extensions TO ORDER ONLY
This is the thinner, much preferred 'Q' type remote favoured over the bulky, more cumbersome K3 unit. Apart from polishing, thus unit will fit an ENV75 pre-selector and is complete, ready to fit. £650 + VAT
PRE-SELECT GEARBOXES in fully restored condition ARE ALSO AVAILABLE NOW TO ORDER ONLY at £4500 -£5500 COMPLETE with bell housing, pedal and linkages. (On this item, price will be that ruling at time of despatch. All pre-quotes honoured regardless)

4 Spoke 16" MMM & MG TA Steering Wheel
Encompassing our new optional service of having these (or other) wheels strung with 3mm cord for better grip and vintage appearance. 16", 4-spoke wheel as shown - £445ea. +VAT. Your wheel strung, any 16" or 17" type - £125 ea + VAT.

Brand New MG 'M' type complete headlamps. A bargain production in this day & age.
For the first time we can offer a perfect reproduction of the LUCAS R47B headlamps that were fitted as original equipment to most MG 'M' types. (Even the very late cars that used the Rotax '701' units would not be disgraced in having these on board, and more than welcome when you can't find any '701s'!) These superb lamps have the correct twist-off, rolled edge rims, frosted flat lenses, silvered reflectors with double dipping bulbs and Lucas 'King-of-the-Road' medallions. Finished in black with chrome rims - £485 + VAT per pair .
We still have good stocks of ORIGINAL FULLY RESTORED LUCAS HEADLAMPS at £680pr. L140s/M140s/L150s, plus all variations of the correct fog/spotlamps for MMM & T Type. Nice to know you can still get the original stuff.

TA/B/C Starter Motors
Again, all original, all fully rebuilt, all with guarantee. Outright purchase £265 +VAT, exchange prices start at £185 + VAT. Please note we do not offer any cheaper Chinese or Taiwanese far-eastern product here.... only Lucas originals

Just In.. batch of pre-war plinth mounted 'Brooklands' Aero Screens
These are fully laminated now, with polished frames and skirts , and come complete with polished s/steel fixing bolts. £145 each + VAT. or £280 per pair + VAT.

A rare chance to secure an Original Pre-War MG Tool Kit
These original kits cover all the MMM (Midget/Magna/Magnette) models, and comprises all ORIGINAL pieces, no repros, except for the tool roll itself, and that is a precise copy of the pre-war roll in brown cotton backed hessian with PVC edging. It has taken a long time to assemble the original kits we have for sale and the price reflects the price of the roll, the 18+ rare pieces and the fact they are all original. For those that would like to really 'finish' their car, and add considerable value to it, should move swiftly to secure one of these. £395 + VAT, inclusive of roll. (We also have a few original jacks, handles, stirrup tyre pumps and oiling guns available as extras to complete entire tool kits - please enquire.)

Just arrived, made from top grade HT steel in view of their nature, as so many originals are now cracked at 75 years old, and can be highly dangerous. Top specification in High tensile EN 16T ££120 ea. + vat. We don't have a big batch, so don't delay if needed.

Calling all MG 'M' Owners
Here are last, (we thought exclusive to us!), the New MG 'M' type Bonnet & Apron Catches. AVAILABLE AT JUST £85ea. complete with clips to the original specification. Like all the parts we do, we insist on high quality and accuracy and not a cheap copy from the far-east. These catches have the correct barrels, knurled top with the 'MG' logo insert exactly as original. Each comes with its own clips for either bonnet fixing or apron fixing. An enormous amount of work has gone into making these to help all 'M' owners. You even have the choice of nickel or chrome finish. At 2010 manufacturing prices these represent remarkable value for such relatively small numbers. Nickel or chrome, including clips - £85 ea + VAT.

BACK AT LAST!!! The superb TA/B/C Moulded Rubber Gearbox Covers following the mould breaking. A complete new pattern nhas been made and they are better than ever before, and fit as so snuggly and accurately.
Absolutely not to be confused with those sold elsewhere in plastic or fibreglass. These as original jig moulded in heavy gauge rubber with correct fixing holes, filling plug flap and dipstick provision. For those of you undertaking a quality rebuild, these are an absolute 'must'. £169.50 each + VAT.

Instrument Cluster Plates
Superbly tooled, exactly as original with black (J/F/L models) or brown (P/K/N models) centres with correct raised bead and octagon in chrome. Remember these come complete with 'MG' engraved chromed button ready fitted. £96.50 complete each + VAT. All gauges, switches and lamps are available to fill these cluster plates - just ask.

Bonnet Belts
Brand new correct gauge dark brown leather with sewn-in chrome end fittings, the original 3-piece belt, double buckle specification. Not the single buckle "suitcase look". Fantastic value at £95 each + VAT.

MG TA Air Cleaner Canister
For many years this item was made incorrectly, being wrong length and diameter. We are now pleased to being you the correct size canister to original specification, but with improved internal filter that only needs a paraffin wash every 3-5000 miles. Finished in black with joint clamp to manifold - £155 ea + VAT.

Polished alloy manifolds to complete the TA air cleaner system are NOW IN STOCK ALSO £69.50 ea + VAT.

MG TB/C Air Cleaner Canister
In addition to the air cleaner for the TA, we are pleased to offer from stock the TB/TC air cleaner canister. To correct length and diameter, this unit also comes with improved filtration and can be cleaned with a paraffin wash every 3-5000 miles. Finished in black with joint clamp to manifold - LIMITED at £155 ea + VAT.

The 2-part MG crested manifold sets are available from stock with chrome clamp and rubber seal included - £135 per set + VAT.

MG F2/J2/L1/L2 Mottled aluminium/engine turned Dashboards
These are not the cheapest on the market, but are superb from the ORIGINAL manufacturers and have the correct quarter segment 1" mottle, and are as per the factory thickness in both standard and deluxe versions. In stock now at £225ea. + vat.

****JUST BACK INTO STOCK******** MMM & Early 'T'-type: Double Row, Bronze Caged Rear Hub/Wheel Bearings
I am pleased to inform all customers that I have just completed the very last batch of original specification, double-row, bronze caged MMM & TA/B/C rear wheel hub bearings. They are available NOW at a price of £96.50ea. + VAT (plus post if not collecting). These bearings are long overdue, and have been tested to specification far higher than will be demanded by even the most potent of MMM racing cars. They will probably outlast your ownership of your car, and are a certain 'must' for all hill climb and race contenders.

BACK IN STOCK.......Hand Woven Crimped Brass Radiator Meshes - Chrome Plated
Whilst still available ex-stock in the smaller size for D/F/J/L models (£235ea.), we have for the first time now produced them in the larger sizes for the K/N/TA/TB & TC models. These are now in stock at £235ea (all prices subject to carriage & VAT). These are quite superb quality being made on 19th century machinery and are EXACTLY as the factory supplied. THEY ARE ALSO AVAILABLE NOW FOR THE FIRST TIME FOR THE MG K3 RACING MODELS also correctly framed at £235ea. Price of brass has pushed these prices up, I'm sorry.

MG PA/PB Exhaust Manifolds
These highly praised reproductions have long been overdue. Once again these are our own manufacture and come to you with the quality you expect from us. The fit is accurate, ALL the inscriptions have been finely cast in, and they are finished in a non-rust hot spray to look as a new one did when it left Abingdon. The stock of these is rapidly diminishing, so for only £185 including vat & carriage, I would order one of these before the supply is exhausted, but we can repeat if sufficient demand. )




(You can also collect at our shop as long as you pre-order or bring a list.)
All parts subject to Vat at current rate with SUPER deals available to calling customers.


KI-GASS PUMPS. For owners of MG Racing Cars, these are original ex-army unopened boxed units from the 1940s........£220each. (photos to follow.)

MG 'M' TOTALLY COMPLETE CYLINDER HEAD, with full set of cam stands, rocker gear, vertical drive pinion, oil drain gallery and drive fork......It's excellent and the price is not a mistake........£350 complete.

MG 'M' /J2 rear flywheel housing......again, excellent condition.....................£395, no offers .

VARIOUS 'M' Type parts: chassis to brake mtg. plate...........£65 Tranmission h'brake (more than seen in photo).....£45
Oil filler & cap.....£75

VARIOUS 'M' type parts: Oil pump complete....£125 Handbrake assembly..........£45 Pair of 'M' /J2 crankshaft drive gears. (remarkably good condition, like new £65 each. Distributor locking plate with 'ball' connection...............£18 Bronze clutch thrust bearing carrier........£55

VERY RARE early MG 'M' type oil filler cap with oil names STAMPED into cap. Rare indeed.......£65

MG 'M' type genuine complete starter button assembly with mounting bracket...............£65.

MG TA. ONE ONLY EXHAUST MANIFOLD in excellent condition (see photo)...............£220

MG 'NA/NB' GRILLE FRONTED HORN & MTG.BKT. ..........£165 In excellent condition, this very rare horn would complete a proper rebuild alongside the LUCAS type '226' (FT 27) foglamp.

MG 'NA/NB' very rare bottom dynamo driven gear, ith larger centre hole to accept the original 'N' dynamo armature shaft diameter.....Only one left now..............................................£85

MMM. MMM. One only long thin bakelite MG crested battery cover. When did you last see one of those?.....................................................................£100.

FINALLY. We have one only one 1& 5/8ths and one 1&7/8ths HV8 supercharger carburettors left in stock from this year's batch and the last at this year's price..........................£995.

MG TA CYLINDER HEAD. Very good condition. Very rare and so often cracked...........£850 Cash & collect or pick it up at Beaulieu Autojumble.

MG J2/F2/L2 A beautifully remade 1-off SPARE WHEEL CRADLE----- UNPAINTED/UNCHROMED AS ORIGINAL so you can paint it body colour as fitted originally by the factory. It includes the correct raised potion where MG badge is located, and an original (rechromed) hexagonal tensioning knob. It's is superb and needs to someone doing a very accurate/factory original restoration....................£375.

MG TA/B/C RADIATOR SHELL. Needs repair, and is complete with nose piece, badge & original slats...It does need repair and is ideal for someone who has no shell at all, for then the repairs & chroming will be economic............This is a rare original unit ..........£250.

MMM TOOLS & TOOL KITS. We have a very good selection of ORIGINAL tools at the moment, and have FULL tool kits in stock for ALL MMM models, and TA/TB/TC/TD models. Please e-mail for details and prices.
I have a few MMM & T series ORIGINAL stirrup tyre pumps in stock (see photo).

What is not sold now will come with us to ' MG STONELEIGH ' on Sunday 21st February.

********PLUS ALL THE FOLLOWING---------

A box of assorted D/F/J/L/P Hartfords. A couple of big Luvax 'N' types, and a pair of original TA/B Luvax shocks. All secondhand originals, all in fair condtion. From £65ea to £95each.

A number of front D/F/J/L/P/N front engine cover plates.....some to offer the provision on the 'J' series for the extra secondry crank bearing........................all original....£165ea.

We also have in stock TA/B/early TC Lucas type FT "& fog/spot lamps.................£335ea. and
We also have in stock ORIGINAL Lucas later TC fog/spot lamps......Type SFT 462.....£245ea.

A complete set of ORIGINAL D/F/J 8" cable brake assemblies. (Not shown in photo) All 4 corners, aabsolutely complete as taken from a car. Drums, back plates , shoes, linings, cams, lewvers, everything.........£500 complete car set.

ALSO ********

A complete set of J2 8inch hydraulic brakes.(Shown in photo). Perfect if you want to rally or trial, or simply use your car a lot and want to be sure of stopping in todays traffic. And what bargain to include back plates, shoes, h'brake scissors, linings & drums....................£250 complete car set!

TA/B/C. REV COUNTERS & SPEEDOS. Any body interested in replicas? As we all know originals now cost around £500 for a speedo if you have nothing tio exchange, and around £550 for a Rev. counter with clock, if you have nothing to exchange. We are looking closely at having the replicas made again (agreed, with dummy clock) but at only a little over half of the chronometrics, many of you may see this as a good option. I'll put in the LEFT hand column with the new parts once they are done, but please advise your interest.

Complete set of in-car auto JACKING SYSTEM (with pump)....BELIEVE FOR A VA, OR POSSIBLY 'Y' TYPE. Bargain in any case at £220 THE LOT!

TWO ONLY......ORIGINAL LUCAS CWX MMM ELECTRIC WIPER MOTORS. STILL IN EX-ARMY ISSUE BOXES. BRAND NEW ORIGINAL...........................................................................£245 ea.

MMM GEARKNOBS. ORIGINAL ONLY.....BLACK or BROWN..............................£75ea.

A COMPLETE SET OF LUCAS R47B MG 'M' TYPE HEADLAMPS. AS BRAND NEW READY TO FIT. Shells left in primer to allow matching to body colour as original. Chrome rims, wired, ready to fit..................£496pr.

ONE ONLY 'ADAMANT' (F type) steering box drop arm. Crack tested, nickel plated, perfect.......£250 Another, not tested, but been in my shed for 50 years. Unbent with little life.................£165.

A great amount of rare MMM 'knick-knacks', that you can never find are available. Clips, fittings, connectors, taps, special nuts, bolts, washers, as well as some larger rare items. Ask and ye shall find!

MG TB/TC OWNERS. One only ORIGINAL air cleaner manifold set with clamp & rubber seal.........£135 set

ANOTHER HAS JUST ARRIVED>>>>>>>>>>>MMM OWNERS...P/K/N models. COMPLETE INSTRUMENT CLUSTER PANEL Complete original unit with PLC ignition light switch, brown Jaeger oil pressure gauge, brown Jaeger ampmeter, red/black sockets, ign. warning lamp and MG button........a real bargain at.................................£375

ORIGINAL & REPLICA RACE CAR OWNERS. Proper, very high quality fuel tank air pressure pumps. Made EXACTLY as that fitted to early MGs and Bentleys with correct solid brass body, wooden operating handle and front on/off tap. Not some cheap replica, but quality to pre-war specification and materials............£325ea.

MG TC OWNERS.....very limited. NEW OLD LUCAS STOCK MG TC 9-post RF95 REGULATORS..............£220ea. (Repros readily available for £120)

FOR OWNERS OF EARLY MG TCs......very limited fully restored ORIGINAL LUCAS RF 91 REGULATORS.......£135ea.


The above are just a very few of the most recent items that we've made or had returned to stock. Over 2000 items fill the catalogue that you will find under "PARTS" at the top of this opening page, and over 75% of these are in stock at any one time. This does not mention the vast stock of secondhand parts that are either too expensive or too difficult to reproduce for our relatively small market. This 'on-tap' secondhand service is almost the last now left in the UK, and some of the very rare items we hold are supplied to our loyal customers on numerous occasions. Don't hesitate to ask when ordering your new bits if there is an item you just cannot get hold of. There is a good chance we may have it.

Finally, remember originality is our priority, and one of the reasons that we stock very little, if any, far eastern product, preferring to fully overhaul original units such as Lucas electrical boxes, wiper motors, instruments, horns, mirrors and lamps of all descriptions, for which we hold considerable knowledge and a massive range of large & small original Lucas parts.

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