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Barry Walker - for the very best in prewar MGs

Welcome to the website of "BARRY WALKER" - car sales covering  pre-war and early post-war MGs together with a range of accessories for the cars we sell (found under 'Car Accessories' page). We offer some of the world's finest early MGs, both in rarity and quality of rebuild. We also, from time to time offer cars for restoration, or needing more work from the buyer where the budget is of course important, and we fully recognise this.

We keep the car section of the web-site up to date ONLY when cars are finished and ready for sale; so be patient, the cars will always get there in the end, but work often takes longer than we anticipate.

Coming Shortly from our workshop: NEW CAR STOCK which will be available from February 1st 2019.  These are intended to go on the web-site immediately.                

Most Recent Cars

  • Image of 1934 PA

    1934 PA

    £ 46,500

    Now available for sale. A beautifully restored professional rebuild of an MG P type.

  • Image of 1953 TD2

    1953 TD2

    £ 28,950

    A magnificently restored all-matching Nos. example of the rarer TD2 model.

  • Image of 1938 MG SA Tickford d.h.c.

    1938 MG SA Tickford d.h.c.

    £ S O L D

    It is rare for me to offer the MG SVW range, but a car of this quality cannot be passed by under any circumstances.

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Recently Sold

  • Image of 1946 MG TC

    1946 MG TC

    £ SOLD

    Here is a near concours TC with a very interesting history.

  • Image of 1933 J2

    1933 J2

    £ SOLD

    If you want the best....then this is it........."The Amelia Island" concours winning car.

  • Image of 1935 PB

    1935 PB

    £ SOLD

    The MG PB is one of only two pre-war MGs eligible for THE MILLE MIGLIA