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Hi everyone-------now that we're back to normal, we do hope you'll find the time to come a visit our 'open' shop, where you can browse all the counters full of spares, or peruse the early MG cars in our showroom. 

We are here to help you with any new or used spares while stocks hold up, and they are good at the present time.  Remember, the 'Parts and Spares' section of this web-site shows only a small proportion of what we have available, so DO ask if what you need isn't actually shown.

We offer a same day or 2-day despatch by  post and courier ---to both home and abroad, and are fully geared up for post-Brexit despatching of European orders, and of course to all world-wide destinations.

The quickest payment method for immediate same day despatch is by Visa or M/card as they can be processed by ourselves in the office.  Just phone your numbers through-------or you can pay by bank transfer (our details as required).

Can't wait to see many more vintage MGs on the road next year--------or for those reading this that now wish they had one (or a running one), we'll always try to make sure we have plenty of stock for you to choose from. 


Welcome to the website of "BARRY WALKER" - car sales and now spares (yes, again).   (Please see  'PARTS & SPARES' page for LATEST IMPORTANT NEWS ,  and our main adverts in  "The Automobile" magazine and the MG Car Club's "Safety Fast" magazine.

We offer the world's most recognised sales and service for the sale and preparation for sale of  pre-war and early post-war MGs together with a vast range of NEW & USED spares again and accessories for the type of cars we sell (found under ''Parts'' pages). We offer some of the world's finest early MGs, both in rarity and quality of rebuild. We also, from time to time offer cars for restoration, or needing more work from the buyer where the budget is of course important, and we fully recognise this.

We keep the 'car sales' section of the web-site up to date ONLY when cars are finished and ready for sale; so be patient, the cars will always get there in the end, but work often takes longer than we anticipate.

1/6/2022       Cars now available are  fully detailed under 'MGs for Sale'.

  • 1934 MG K3 rep. built to the highest standard, ready for road or race.
  • 1934 Tool room copy of the MG 'R' type racing car with full VSCC & FIA papers
  • 1935 Supercharged MG PA with totally rebuilt engine  & pre-select gearbox.
  • 1933 MG J2.   Magnificent swept wing model with Phoenix c/balanced crank, etc. 

Most Recent Cars

  • Image of 1938 MG TA 'Tickford'

    1938 MG TA 'Tickford'

    £ S O L D

    A near concours restoration of this rare and most practical MG. Eminently suitable for the lady driver.

  • Image of 1946 MG TC

    1946 MG TC

    £ S O L D

    An older restoration in lovely running ,original order, offering amazing value for money. THIS WILL GO TO BEAULIEU A/Jumble Stand R60

  • Image of 1932-34 J2 Engines for Sale

    1932-34 J2 Engines for Sale

    £ 3500-£6500

    We have 4 MG J2 engines available for sale, and a complete MG 'M' engine with bronze orig. carb and original gearbox fitted.

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Recently Sold

  • Image of 1949 MG TC  (former police car)

    1949 MG TC (former police car)

    £ SOLD

    Beautifully restored former Lancashire Police MG TC.

  • Image of 1933 MG J2  Swept wing

    1933 MG J2 Swept wing

    £ SOLD

    A magnificent example of the later swept wing MG J2 with c/balanced crank & uprated engine.

  • Image of 1934 MG PA

    1934 MG PA

    £ SOLD

    An exceptional all matching Nos. P type, totally rebuilt from the chassis -up to the standard we sell. A proper restoration.