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FOR OUR FOREIGN FRIENDS: BREXIT has  happened,  but changes after the transition are there, but discuss sales with us as we understand the problems.. NO BETTER TIME TO BUY.
FOR UK CLIENTS: A SAFE SAFE INVESTMENT  as people realise vintage cars are better than most pension schemes!

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To make a appointment:    Phone on 01789 400181/07836 244103; e-mail to ;  or text to 07836 244103.

A lot of spares have come with some of our recent cars, incl. MMM engine parts, gearboxes, carbs., gauges and ask if you're loking for pre-war or early T series spares.....even better: call in.


  • Image of 1934 MG PA/PB  PROJECT


    £ 16,500

    Ever thought of building a pre-war MG-----on a budget---------this would be an ideal beginning.

  • Image of 1934 MG PA

    1934 MG PA

    £ S O L D

    What a super thing this is. Can't believe I still excited when a really good one comes in!

  • Image of 1936 Welsh  Rally MG PA

    1936 Welsh Rally MG PA

    £ SOLD subject to contract

    Totally restored, this magnificent PA was prepared by the works for the 1936 Welsh (later RAC) Int.Rally.

  • Image of 1935 MG PA S/charged Police Car

    1935 MG PA S/charged Police Car

    £ S O L D

    WHAT A BARGAIN. A rare and very interesting supercharged former Leicester Police Car.

  • Image of 1929 MG 'M' engine AND  g'box

    1929 MG 'M' engine AND g'box

    £ 3950 incl. vat. No carb

    1929/30 Complete MG 'M' type engine/clutch & gearbox

  • Image of 1932 F 6cyl. Magna Project

    1932 F 6cyl. Magna Project

    £ S O L D

    A very rare 6 cylinder MG 'F' Magna retirement project. Dismantled but totally complete for rebuild.

  • Image of 1933 Supercharged J2 midget

    1933 Supercharged J2 midget

    £ S O L D

    1933 Supercharged MG J2 sports, built for fast road use and light competion (hillclimbs/trials).

  • Image of 1946 MG TC

    1946 MG TC

    £ S O L D

    An older restoration in lovely running ,original order, offering amazing value for money. THIS WILL GO TO BEAULIEU A/Jumble Stand R60

  • Image of 1934/5 MG 'N' Engine

    1934/5 MG 'N' Engine

    £ 8750

    1934/5 Complete 6 cylinder MG 'N' series engine fully restored but not assembled

  • Image of 1932 D  Salonette

    1932 D Salonette

    £ SOLD

    The sole surviving MG 'D' type Salonette. A unique opportunity to secure a genuine investment at this price.

  • Image of 1934 MG PA

    1934 MG PA

    £ S O L D

    Lower prices don't mean lower quality, just even better value all round. Read on.

  • Image of 1949 MG TC

    1949 MG TC

    £ SOLD

    An all original , all matching Nos. , University Motors delivered 1949 MG TC.

  • Image of 1934 MG K3 replica.

    1934 MG K3 replica.

    £ SOLD

    Not to be confused with the modern built K3 replicas, and thus a more sought-after car.

  • Image of 1933 MG J2

    1933 MG J2

    £ SOLD

    The true 'Barn Find'. Dismantled but untoched for 58years!!

  • Image of 1933 MG J2

    1933 MG J2

    £ SOLD

    An MG J2 project with so much of it totally restored it will take little time or funds to finish it AND it's all correct!

  • Image of 1933 MG J2  Swept wing

    1933 MG J2 Swept wing

    £ SOLD

    A magnificent example of the later swept wing MG J2 with c/balanced crank & uprated engine.

  • Image of 1934 MG PA

    1934 MG PA

    £ SOLD

    A top of the range example of just how an MG PA should be.

  • Image of 1933 MG J4  rep.

    1933 MG J4 rep.

    £ SOLD

    One of the finest J4 reps to have passed through our hands.

  • Image of 1934 MG PA

    1934 MG PA

    £ SOLD

    An exceptional all matching Nos. P type, totally rebuilt from the chassis -up to the standard we sell. A proper restoration.

  • Image of 1949 MG TC  (former police car)

    1949 MG TC (former police car)

    £ SOLD

    Beautifully restored former Lancashire Police MG TC.

  • Image of 1934 MG PA Engine

    1934 MG PA Engine

    £ SOLD

    A COMPLETE MG PA ENGINE as removed from car in 1957

  • Image of 1933 L type Magna

    1933 L type Magna

    £ SOLD

    It's not so often such a grand old lady comes to the market, but this ones kept her originality and charming good looks!

  • Image of 1933 J2 Sports PROJECT

    1933 J2 Sports PROJECT

    £ SOLD

    A fascinating and special project for complete rebuild. ONE owner since 1957, with interesting pre-war competition history.

  • Image of 1939 MG TA

    1939 MG TA

    £ SOLD

    A exceptional restoration of a pre-war T type with immaculate attention to original detailing.

  • Image of 1934 MG PA for RESTORATION

    1934 MG PA for RESTORATION

    £ SOLD

    This car has very quickly been saved from me & my hacksaw! Awful thought. Well done the buyer!

  • Image of 1939 MG TB  Tickford d.h.c..

    1939 MG TB Tickford d.h.c..

    £ SOLD

    Another exceptional restoration of one of the world's rarest MGs.