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Car Accessories

We no longer manufacture,  or offer a world-wide mail order spares service for early MGs, though we will continue to offer any technical advice and help whenever requested.  Don't hesitate to call us if you are having difficulty with your rebuild or having difficulty locating a part.   We have 48 years MMM & T type experience and can rapidly point you in the right direction.   However, you may not find us 24/7 as in the past!

We do carry a range of accessories directly connected with the type of cars we sell and these are listed below.

  • MMM complete nose mounted supercharger installations

    comprising totally rebuilt Volumex supercharger ready fitted with the correct drive-shaft coupling,  complete chassis mounting kit, crankshaft thrust plate with fitted lip seal, carburettor  inlet manifold,  MG crested  & finned exit manifold, drive shaft assembly to crank, MG crested & finned cyl. head inlet manifold, correct blow-off valve and all necessary fittings.............from £4500 +vat .

    In addition you can purchase   J/P/Q ....HV5 SU carburettors;    K3/L/N........HV8 SU carburettors; supercharger front aprons;   Ki-gass pumps;  and vacuum/pressure gauges & feed lines.

  • MMM complete side-mounted supercharger installations

    using the superbly re-made Marshall 85 & 87 supercharger.   This unit comes complete with the very important pancake cyl. head inlet manifild,  nose extension with double pulley, adjuster pulley, double pully for crankshaft (though often already there by the factory), mounting kit and fan belts. You only need a carburettor of your choice from us to complete.   These are marvellous installations as they only take a morning or more to fit, and can easily be accomplished by the vehicle owner in his garage.........£6500 + vat. Sounds a lot, but you get the lot!     (excludes carb., ki-gass pump or vac/press. gauge, readily available.)

    And remember.....these are true investments that can easily raise the value of your car by £10,000. 

  • MMM & TA/B/C/D/F Tool Kits

    Genuine, original s/hand tools all accurately researched and fitted in genuine re-made  hessian , cotton tool rolls with leather strapping,   as copied from the original factory unit.  The kits start at the very , very fair price of £395, up to £595 for the TA where the price includes superb quality neoprene rubber trays.

    You can also purchase seperately the tools that fall outside the tool roll or tool trays.   These include: Original grease guns, stirrup tyre pumps, single & double lift jacks & handles,  bleed tubes in tins and   'Thor' copper/hide hammers (new).


    in chrome or polished stainless steel.   These entail NO DRILLING, but come complete with all fittings and attach to tank strap top bolts & the chassis at the base..............From £220 + vat.

  • RIGHT HAND & LEFT HAND w/screen mounted mirrors.

    Lucas type '160'. 6" x 3" Chrome plated with or without Lucas 'King-of-the-Road' medallion (depending on year of car). Almost every car we sell calls for a left hand mirror to protect the driver of an old car in today's traffic.  A thoroughly worthwhile accessory.......... £120 + vat.


    We carry a full range of Instruction Manuals for every MMM & T series model.   We also offer original hard back editions of W.E. Blowers'   "The Complete MG Workshop Manual", often referred to as the MG Bible!

  • MG J2 ENGINE 1932-1934. Complete unit with counter-balanced crank, new cam and all accessories. Bench tested to 4500rpm, but more available. Rare to find, and ready to install £8500 ovno.

Remember to ask if you are stuck for something, we can usually provide the answers.