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1933 MG J2 Swept (or c/wing) car

A magnificent example of the later swept wing MG J2 with c/balanced crank & uprated engine just rebuilt last winter by Oliver Richardson.

The swept wing J2 is often shunned in favour of the earlier cycle wing version, but occasionally a later model seriously stands out, and this is that car, whether it is the colour or the build, I leave for you to decide.

Model Type
MG J2 Swept (or c/wing) car
2-seat sports
Registration No.
TV 9223
Engine No.
Chassis No.

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We can fit this car with cycle wings, or supercharge it if this is something you have been wishing.

Yes, there are cheaper ones,  we all know that,   but NOT to the standard of this example, and with a brand newly rebuilt engine by Oliver Richardson.

There is no doubt that colour makes a difference to some MG models and the deep Claret red red applied to this superb swept wing J2 restoration, REALLY works, and  has given this particular car a swarve--almost regal appearance. 

Not everyone is a fan of the swept wing J2, but when one is presented like this , together with a fully counter-balanced crank & rods, there is little to stand in its way for competitive appeal.

Beautifully restored from the chassis-up, the car has been completely re-commissioned  following a considerable time in storage.   The car now performs better than ever, together with well charging original electrics, very good Marles Weller steering, a particularly smooth gearbox and all new bodywork clad in steel for a long life ahead.  

Although the engine is not the original that it left the factory with, it is a genuine J2 engine and has only just been completely rebuilt by Oliver Richardson with heavy billet Phoenix crank, all new head gear,, clutch, carbs, the lot!.  The radiator  has been rebuilt and the car has the correct deluxe mottled dashboard with original gauges supplied by 'Vintage Restoirations.' 

Quality cellulose paint finish in deep claret with matching dark red Collingburn seats & upholstery, that are simply the best.   The weather equipment (possibly Collingburn) is of the highest quality and together with a huge history file, MMM registration and  DVLA paperwork, you'll go a long way to get one like this.      Don't even think of building one for the offered price-- this is of the highest standard and genuine value for money.   

Please ring for an appointment to view & test.  

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