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1934 Historic MG ND

A very rare MG model, and with all matching Nos.. Unusual for a car with such prewar competition history. Read on.......

One of only 12 surviving NDs out of 24 built, this one with a works prepared 'TT' engine.

Model Type
Historic MG ND
2-seat sports
Registration No.
US 7795
Engine No.
739AN(Orig TT)
Chassis No.
NA 0487

£ FINALLY SOLD..... bargain of the year!

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Small capacity 6-cylinder cars were very much in vogue in the early 1930s and MG were not slow in climbing on the band wagon.   First came the Wolseley based F Magna in 1931/32,  quickly followed by the much-improved 'L' Magna in 1933 which ran concurrently with its big 6 cyl. K type sister, the K2 MG.   It was the poor customer demand for the expensive K2 model (only 22 sold)  that left the factory with considerable unused K2 material. 

The final 6cyl. design,  before the MG Company was fully absorbed into Lord Nuffield's Morris Motors empire, was the 'N' series Magnette in 1934 which appeared once again in 2 & 4 seat format;  first as the NA and then as the NB (as well as the NE race car version).  However, 24  'N'  chassis' received the factory redundant K2 bodies and were designated the 'ND'.   The combination formed a very handsome and potent 2-seat sports car, and with its 1271cc engine and huge twin 1&3/8th inch carburettors gave a comfortable  65bhp , if not more;  and this is what we are offering you here today.

The powerful and rugged ND was aimed at the man with a  competitive spirit, and the story goes that it was only offered to owners favoured by the MG Works?  Records held by the MG Car Club's register for early MGs show our car here was no exception.  US 7795 was sold new in 1934 to Mr. Charles Grant, Managing  DIrector of Grant, Melrose and Tennant  (Glasgow MG Distributors) who used it on the Scottish Car Club Anniversary Trial in October that year. 

At this juncture it should be noted that this car was,  and still is,  fitted with the original NE 'TT' tuned engine by the Works Competition Dept. before delivery to Glasgow the Glasgow Main dealers.  The huge carbs, with their K3 size bowls and special manifolding all remain in place and are recorded (See photos). 

However, the car quickly found itself in the hands of Keith Elliot, an experienced and successful trials and rally driver who clearly bought the car knowing its competition potential.  In a letter on file,  Elliot described  his 'US' (as he called it) as " specially built by the MG Works  with a high compression 'TT' prepared engine".  The cars potent nature was highlighted by his first event "the 1935 Autumn Half Day Trial" where Elliot cleaned up winning the award for first car under 1500cc , a First Class award  and a Team award.    This was followed by awards in that year's Anniversary Trial and the MG Combined Clubs Trial where the car was described by 'The Light Car' as having a genuine works 'TT' engine.  That engine (739AN) still resides in the car to this day.

In 1936 the car continued to compete in the hands of G. Murray Frame gaining a finish on the predigious Scottish Rally. Perhaps today's new owner will do the car justice and take it on 'The Flying Scotsman'?

This exceptional car has every known owner recorded to date, and although an older restoration and by no means 'concours' , it oozes patina and originality and commands respect.

While in more recent ownership with Ken Abraham, a thorough programme of mechanical work was undertaken as evidenced from the huge file of invoices and history.  Although unfinished at his death, the work was completed by the late Dave Clewley and Ian Harris Engineering. 

The full compliment of  very rare K2 instruments covers the dash.   The car comes with its original twin spares and additional instrumentation for trialing. 

For only an additional £2500 there is a complete Volumex supercharger installation with most manifolding, drive assy. , bracketry,  1 & 5/8ths. inch  vintage carburettor and ready painted front s/charger apron, all of which was not brought to my attention until after the car was advertised. The normal cost of such a s./charger kit would exceed £5000 + vat to put this in context, so a bargain,   but the car can be purchased without this kit if preferred.

The car is finished in 2-tone blue, with lovely navy blue individual roomy bucket seats, carpets, tonneau cover,  roof, 

Hugely reduced in price from requested prices a year or two back, this historic car now represents genuine amazing value with the potential , as in period, to punch well above its weight.      It simply waits for that competively spirited gentleman, as favoured by the Works,  to take the reins and echo the activities of those early owners......... in the many events offered today by the VSCC and many other Clubs.


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