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A Short History of Barry Walker

BARRY WALKER - Established 1968

The name "BARRY WALKER" has been synonymous with early MGs for more than 40 years. Until 1995 the company operated the world's largest spares company for MG motor cars built between 1929 and 1939, together with an extensive service for the models from 1939 to 1955.

Following a break in the sale of new spares between 1995 and 2000 BARRY WALKER made the decision in 2001 to re-enter the new spares market when it was felt the demand was still sufficient to warrant offering the full services again. From advertisements you'll find in the "Automobile", "Classic Cars", "Classic & Sportscar" and "Classic Cars For Sale", together with various MG club magazines, you'll know that BARRY WALKER is once again able to offer not only rare used, and rare original early MG parts, but has also re-stocked to bring you an ever widening range of high-quality re-manufactured parts to OE (original equipment) specification. We do not sell Chinese or Taiwanese reproductions unless they have been shown to be manufactured to the highest standard and meet our stringent inspection and fitting requirements.

You will find in this website the most valuable information concerning your pre-war MG is in the form of an on-line catalogue, but where answers to questions cannot be found, do please e-mail, phone or fax, though often, owing to the complexity and difficulty of certain requests, a telephone call or fax is usually the best.

It is hoped a new hard-form catalogue will be available by the end of the year. Those customers who still have a copy of the old "Pre War MG Parts Centre" catalogue that BARRY WALKER wrote in 1991/2 can still use it as a most valuable means of back-up when detailing your requirements to us. We now carry again almost all of the stock shown in this book, copies of which are available FOC.

We recognise the importance of a 'hands-on' approach in our business, and actively encourage you to call on us in person. We are probably the only self-service (no counter) MG shop. Here you can browse, discuss, inspect and collect both new and second-hand parts at leisure while making comparisons and taking photographs in our adjacent workshops and showroom.

BARRY WALKER MGs - Established 1967

Running alongside the spares business for over 35 years without the break between 1995 and 2000 is the sister company "BARRY WALKER MGs" purchasing and selling: unrestored, part restored and especially fully restored MG motor cars of the same era (1929-1955) - specifically models M/D/F/J/L/K/P/N, TA/B/C/D/F and racing models C/K3/J4/Q.

BARRY WALKER is recognised worldwide as the leading specialist in the sale of early MG motor cars monitoring a very high standard in all that we sell. The company has the most in-depth knowledge of the cars in which it deals and hopes to hear from anybody interested in selling or purchasing a vintage MG. In addition BARRY WALKER offers a highly respected and very economical service, of sale by commission (no sale, no fee) with free insurance, proper exposure to the market and collections and deliveries by covered transport.

We hope our long overdue entry into the computerised world will make it both easier and more exciting for you to exploit your old-MG interest and whilst we may still utilise the fax a great deal, we'll do our utmost to respond to e-mails in a reasonable time.

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